Random Acts Of Kindness Award 2019

John, thank you so much for nominating me to participate in The Random Acts Of Kindness Award! I appreciate you brother! Michelle from Mws R Writings created this award as a means for us to share with each other random acts of kindness that have touched our lives or those around us. Thank you Michelle… Continue reading Random Acts Of Kindness Award 2019

Thought For The Day: Be There For Them

Even an accountability partner needs someone to be accountable to. In order to ensure they themselves do not fall.

KING & COUNTRY | God Only Knows

https://youtu.be/Q5cPQg3oq-o Angie called me to wish me Happy Birthday earlier. She knows me better than anyone...so of course she could tell I am down just by my voice. She told me I had to listen to this song. We both love King & Country. I told her that I have not heard this song yet.… Continue reading KING & COUNTRY | God Only Knows

Mixed Up Priorities | Missing Out

When you stay glued to your phone, tablet, computer or gaming console, you are missing out on so much! You may be missing out on your children growing up....that special Daddy! Daddy! Come see moment. You may be missing out on enjoying an intimate marriage...you can't communicate if your not talking or listening! You may… Continue reading Mixed Up Priorities | Missing Out

Your Spouse Needs An Outlet To Heal

Dear addict, I understand wanting to keep the "secret" within the confounds of your marriage. You don't want anyone to know about it..I get it. But, please do not put that stress on your spouse. It will slowly destroy them, possibly your marriage and your relationship with your children if you have any. The pain… Continue reading Your Spouse Needs An Outlet To Heal