Just As A Flower Is Pollinated So Are We

Flowers are beautiful. I believe that most people would agree with me on that one. I love going out in the morning time and looking at the new blooms in our pumpkin patch my-ex and I are trying to grow. They are so vibrant in color. Sadly they will not last long if they are… Continue reading Just As A Flower Is Pollinated So Are We

With a New Adventure Comes Some Interesting Things.

What started as a new adventure in finding a safer and healthier place for my children to come and stay with me has become a different adventure all together. One of disappointment, surprise, depression and joy. One where my wife and friends have a major role. I told our children that I was looking for… Continue reading With a New Adventure Comes Some Interesting Things.

My Prayer

Father,I come to you today for all my friends far and wide. You know their pains and sufferings. You know their joys and desires. You know their strengths as well as their weaknesses. May you watch over them ever so lovingly. Reach down Lord and touch them today in such a way that there is… Continue reading My Prayer