Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 4

Here is the devotional: I’m the first to say I don’t like to fight. Even though I’m outgoing and have an outwardly aggressive personality, I avoid confrontation. In fact, I will do   anything to avoid it. I’m like our Goldendoodle dog: a recovering people-pleaser. But warfare is not just for a particular personality type—for those… Continue reading Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 4

Am I Good Enough?

Fixing to real honest here. I hope you don't mind. I pray you don't laugh. I hope you realize that one of your best friends my have the "secret" fear I had. And some of my best friends are on this page as a support to me and they don't know this but it needs… Continue reading Am I Good Enough?

My Weekend Be Like This Tag

Thank you Gail for nominating me for this tag. I think it is a cool way to step out of my box like I did by giving you a glimpse into my life outside my blog and share some of my routine...whatever routine is. As some of you know I was laid off my… Continue reading My Weekend Be Like This Tag

Good News & Bad News

I should start with the good news first. We always want the good news first, right? This good news is actually a PRAISE REPORT 👏👏🎉🎉 My daughter, Erin, accepted Christ at Church Camp last week!!! I am one very proud dad. The most important decision any of us can ever make..she has made! She will… Continue reading Good News & Bad News