Stu’s World XLIX

This week has been such a trip! Both in good ways and not so good ways.Let's begin with work...shall we...Super crazy busy! At one point I was working on seven customers waiting out front plus one for delivery. We have a new guy. Well sort of. He's been with us about a month. But he… Continue reading Stu’s World XLIX

Stu’s World XLIV

I must apologize to everyone for skipping last week's Stu's World. Sunday I had a dear friend pass away and just didn't feel like writing at all. I was mad at the world that day to be honest. My friend was scheduled to have a liver transplant in New Orleans but they would not do… Continue reading Stu’s World XLIV

Stu’s World XXX

Wow, thirty weeks of sharing parts of daily life with you all. I hope you haven't been bored with the mundane and crazy life of Stu! As most of you have seen I really haven't been posting as much. Burnout set it. Doing multiple posts a day is very taxing along with working 11 hour… Continue reading Stu’s World XXX

Stu’s World XXI

Here's to another roller coaster ride... How do you explain to your soon to be 12 year old son that it is not his fault he didn't have a relationship with his great uncle and there is no need to be in tears about it? I get the call Wednesday. Brandon is at the funeral.… Continue reading Stu’s World XXI

Stu’s World XIV

Man, I hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has been sort of...well...blah! I'm still a little down and coughing up a bunch of junk. And then I find out that Angie's leg has become infected 😥 I only had one potential mishap at work this week. One of the guys was handing down… Continue reading Stu’s World XIV