Jesus: He Gets Us | He Understands Us

Here is the devotional: Everyone you meet has a fascinating backstory. Just ask them about it. Where did you grow up? Who most influenced you? What factors shaped your path? What’s important to you? What do you love?Jesus grew up in northern Israel. His people were regular folks, living mostly insignificant lives. In fact, nobody… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | He Understands Us

Get Out Of Your Head: We Have A Choice

Here is the devotional: How we think directly affects how we live. This may sound terrifying, but, in fact, it’s exciting. Because while we may not be able to take every thought captive in every situation we face every day, we can learn to take one thought captive and, in doing so, affect every other… Continue reading Get Out Of Your Head: We Have A Choice

Get Out Of Your Head: One Thing

Her is the devotional: It’s incredible, if you think about it: How can something we can’t see control so much of who we are, determine what we feel and what we do and what we say or don’t, dictate how we move or sleep, and inform what we want, what we hate, and what we… Continue reading Get Out Of Your Head: One Thing

Get Out Of Your Head: Every Thought Captive,  Really?

Here is the devotional: We once thought of the mind as an immutable thing. The brain you were born with and the way it worked—or didn’t—were just “how it was”; no sense fretting over what can’t be changed. We now know that the brain is constantly changing, whether or not we intend for it to.… Continue reading Get Out Of Your Head: Every Thought Captive, Really?

Cry Like A Man: Day 3

Devotional The ambulance was pulling into the ER when I arrived, and I ran to Daryll’s (Big D) side. His arms dangled over the stretcher as it was lowered out. He wasn’t moving. The man that could press 300-plus pounds over his head, and he didn’t move a muscle. Unconscious, unresponsive, helpless. It puts the… Continue reading Cry Like A Man: Day 3