Mirror Series Part V

This is driving me crazy! I mean all these years of making love to him. Was it even me he was thinking about? Or was I just the body being used as he fantasized of another?!?😡 I could answer those questions but as we speak I am working on your husband. It will be his… Continue reading Mirror Series Part V

Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Somebody’s Watching You

https://youtu.be/7JT8CpI-vY0 To go along with my post from last night... It doesn't matter what you do or where you go... somebody's watching you! You think your smart, don't ya? Hiding your sin from the world, waiting til Sunday to binge watch your porn while the family is at church. No one is watching, right? WRONG!… Continue reading Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Somebody’s Watching You