Wednesday’s Life Song: Disciple | Lay My Burdens I have been a fan of Disciple for years. Every song touches me. Some more than others of course. But this always reminds me that I can't do things by my self. Stress and worry will eat a person up. Whatever is bothering why not lay it down. Give it to Jesus!

Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible WARNING!! This video could be a trigger for some. But IF you have the strength to watch the video and listen to the lyrics... You will see and hear that you are NOT invisible! There ARE people out there that do really care! You do not have to walk your journey alone. Trust me.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible

Friday’s Rock The World: Disciple | Radical Lord let not just our mouth's speak of Your Glory but let our hands speak of it as well! They say that idle hands are the devil's workshop but so are an idle mind and idle faith. Faith without works is dead folks. Get in scripture. Read it! Start memorizing it. The Bible could… Continue reading Friday’s Rock The World: Disciple | Radical

Sunday Music: Disciple | Things Left Unsaid Wendi, here is the story I could not talk about on your post the other day while at work... Though this song was written decades after my PawPaw passed away it still hits me because there have been others who have passed away that I did get to say goodbye to and some I… Continue reading Sunday Music: Disciple | Things Left Unsaid

Get To Know Me Tag

Wow! This is so cool guys. Kranti from Sparkkling Thoughts has nominated me to participate in the Get To Know Me Tag. Thank you so much Kranti for thinking of me 🙂 I love these Tags, Challenges and Awards, as they give each of us a chance to share a little more about ourselves and… Continue reading Get To Know Me Tag