The Power Of Prayer Versus The Power Of Sin

There is so much truth to this statement. To overcome sin or any struggle, for that matter, one must stay focused on their prayer life. Someone who constantly indulges in sin will stop praying because they feel there is no hope. Choose!!!!


By His Stripes We Are Healed

Without His suffering and death we would still be lost...dead in our sin. Praise God for sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die in our place. The ultimate sacrifice of love.

There Is Freedom And It Is Found In Christ

When we accept Christ into our lives, the Spirit comes and lives in us. Here in lies the key to freedom. Giving Him control over our past "bad" behaviors that kept us out of God's will and being controlled by our addictions. True freedom is found in Christ!

We Are Called To Holiness

Daily Inspirations For The Month Of December

For the month of December, I have been posting daily inspirations for you. Though it was fun to do this, it was also kind of tough at the same time. Trying to find that one verse and to create a photo or find one that is not copyrighted to go with said verse has been… Continue reading Daily Inspirations For The Month Of December