Reflections, Progress And Newness

How does one truly reflect on the previous year? Does one base a successful year off of spiritual achievements, overcoming certain things, or worldly gain? Or is it all three? I am not truly certain. What I am certain of is this: Looking back can be both joyous and sorrowful, for I have felt both… Continue reading Reflections, Progress And Newness

Not From Lack Of Trying

Just want to take a moment and apologize for not posting much here lately. I have been in a weird spot staying with my wife after being separated all these years. I am thankful for this you's just different. Being able to spend daily time with my kids has been such a blessing. I… Continue reading Not From Lack Of Trying

An Open Letter to the Dad Looking at Porn

Wow, such a powerful read. A heartfelt letter to a father who looks at porn and how it has affected his daughter. Sadly I read many comments from this original post and many of them were very judgemental in tone. This addiction is real, as I and many others can attest as is her feelings.… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Dad Looking at Porn

10 ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse — and you don’t even know it

Good words of advice from Gary and Joy Lundberg over at Family Share in this post on unfaithfulness.   Having an affair is not even on your radar. Never gonna happen. You love your spouse and you'd never be unfaithful to her or him. However, you may be unaware of other ways you are being unfaithful. If these… Continue reading 10 ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse — and you don’t even know it

With a New Adventure Comes Some Interesting Things.

What started as a new adventure in finding a safer and healthier place for my children to come and stay with me has become a different adventure all together. One of disappointment, surprise, depression and joy. One where my wife and friends have a major role. I told our children that I was looking for… Continue reading With a New Adventure Comes Some Interesting Things.