Time Well Spent

Many people see moms as someone who never stops thinking about their children throughout the day. And for the most part that is true.. But what many do not see are the dads that really do love their children. The men who turn down those "higher" paying jobs just to be able to spend time… Continue reading Time Well Spent

Another Brick In The Wall

Another thing I feel that needs to dealt with is trust. But yet, there are so many different levels of trust. Maybe I should just concentrate on the one I know I have some control over....me Allow me to explain that statement. Growing up I should have been able to trust my dad to be… Continue reading Another Brick In The Wall

Sunday Music: Judas Priest | You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

https://youtu.be/WtuoFv4dcwM Judas Priest came to Shreveport and guess who could NOT go despite being able to get in FREE! Yep, you guessed it...me. Mom's reason...they were devil worshippers! After all, they were priests of Judas Iscariot for Pete's sake. What was I thinking?!? I was livid! And highly embarrassed when the following week came around… Continue reading Sunday Music: Judas Priest | You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

An Investment For A Lifetime

As adults, we have a tendency to say no to our kids. Many of these are warranted when they ask for something they do not need or when they want to do something that we believe may harm them. But what about the simple things? For that question, I am not necessarily asking it in… Continue reading An Investment For A Lifetime

Hunting And Fishing Memories

Man, writing the story about the Wounded Warrior Hunts really brought back a lot of my hunting and fishing experiences from my childhood and later in life. Several of them are still as vivid today as the day they happened. Want to take a walk down memory lane with me? Cool! Let's go. There are… Continue reading Hunting And Fishing Memories