Mirror Series Part V

This is driving me crazy! I mean all these years of making love to him. Was it even me he was thinking about? Or was I just the body being used as he fantasized of another?!?😡 I could answer those questions but as we speak I am working on your husband. It will be his… Continue reading Mirror Series Part V

Sunday Music: Phillips Craig & Dean | I Want To Be Just Like You

https://youtu.be/JWKMiIw_rYA There is truly no other song that breaks me like this one does! I could hear this seventy times a day and I guarantee you I would break out in sobs while hitting my knees asking God to make me a better dad. I know I'm not the worst dad out there. But I… Continue reading Sunday Music: Phillips Craig & Dean | I Want To Be Just Like You

I Was There

"It HURTS!!!" I just want the pain to STOP! Why won't it stop? I've tried EVERY freaking thing I can think of to make it go away. Alcohol numbs it for a while...then it's back. Drugs numb it for a day or two...then it's back. Sex will numb it for a few hours...then it's back.… Continue reading I Was There

Tell The Story Challenge II | The Fabric Of Life

I saw John's challenge the other day and loved the photos he chose. Two of those photos struck a cord in my heart. So with his permission I am doing the challenge 🙂 Thank you John! The rules are simple: Present a picture, then tell the story of the picture. It can be as short… Continue reading Tell The Story Challenge II | The Fabric Of Life