Make That, Break That: Day 5

Here is the devotional: As you contemplate the habits you need to form to improve the quality of your life, I encourage you to place your spiritual life at the top of that list. The good habits you could form to enhance your relationship with God are innumerable, and they encompass almost every aspect of… Continue reading Make That, Break That: Day 5

Yes, You Really Can Change: How Do You Know If You Are Really Changing?

Here is the devotional: We’ve been talking a lot about transforming. How do we know if we’ve been successful?The point of growing into a mature follower of Christ isn’t just to check off a box marked “done.” The goal is to truly become Christ-like: to not just act like a Christian but to be one.… Continue reading Yes, You Really Can Change: How Do You Know If You Are Really Changing?

The Space Between Us: No Traffic Days

Here is the devotional: If you are like most people, you get up every day and sit in traffic coming and going to work. Your time in transit could add up to about 20 to 40 hours per month just sitting in traffic. Unfortunately, there's a day where cars are challenging to find. Where is… Continue reading The Space Between Us: No Traffic Days


Here we go. I'm gonna put my two cents out there on this. If you agree cool...if not that's cool too.Church..and I'm talking about the WHOLE body of Christ...WE NEED TO WAKE THE FREAK UP!!!Did you know that just because you say you are a "Christian" people are watching you? That word, "Christian", to me… Continue reading Cliché

Stu’s World LXXXIV

So much has happen since I shared last. For one I turned 53 and Brandon got me this freaking cool mug that keeps water cold for days... I received my Oz Fox shirt in the mail 😊. I bought the shirt as all funds went to help Oz with his medical bills from his brain… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXXIV