Do We As Christians Really Think Ourselves Immune To Pornography?

This world is so jacked up. Pornography is rampant IN the church!  And it is not just a guy thing. Women struggle almost as much as men. Statistically speaking half of all males, both young and old, have either viewed porn or view it regularly. To me that says that half the men IN the… Continue reading Do We As Christians Really Think Ourselves Immune To Pornography?

Stu’s World XVIII

Man, I've been doing so good at work with not getting hurt and then last night while putting up the towels I hit my head on the cabinet door. Well, it bled through the band-aid so now there is blood on my pillow case. And today at work it started bleeding I can't share… Continue reading Stu’s World XVIII

Which Version Of Fear Surrounds You?

Have you ever felt fear? Have you ever lived with it? Did you know there are two different definitions to this word. Both can bring the “strongest” person to their knees in a matter of seconds! The one most commonly used, of course, is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. It’s… Continue reading Which Version Of Fear Surrounds You?

Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option

One of the most difficult things in life, especially as a Christian, is to comprehend how many people are actually watching us. Now, if you are a parent you know your children are watching and listening to everything. That's why we are careful as to what we say and do. If you are married then… Continue reading Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option

Nabeel Qureshi’s Presentation – Seeking Allah Finding Jesus

This is simply to important not to share. I saw this video originally on Bruce's blog Reasoned Cases For Christ. I watched the whole hour and a half video without getting up to get more coffee or anything. I just sat here and couldn't move. Everyone who claims to know Christ needs to watch this.… Continue reading Nabeel Qureshi’s Presentation – Seeking Allah Finding Jesus