Sunday Music: Impellitteri | Venom I picked this song not because it's my favorite but for the fact we all have had or do have venom in our veins poisoning our minds and bodies. It's got to go! I fell in love with these guys many years back with Screaming Symphony and songs like Father Forgive Them and Walk… Continue reading Sunday Music: Impellitteri | Venom


Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Do You Still Believe In Love Crank It Up!!!! It seems only fair that I share some Rage Of Angels since I shared the Steelheart song Friday. This song and Somebody's Watching You were my personal favorites off their debut album. The whole album rocks and there is not a single song that I do not like. This IS one… Continue reading Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Do You Still Believe In Love

Sunday Music: Idle Cure | Breakaway This entire album just blew my friends and I away. Finally a rock album that didn't sound muddled or poorly produced. To me this was/is one of the most important albums in Christian Rock history as it set a standard. And it totally rocked in my car stereo 🙂 Overdrive and Come Alive were… Continue reading Sunday Music: Idle Cure | Breakaway

Sunday Music: Stryper | You Know What To Do This song, along with Loving You got me hooked quickly to a bunch a bumble bees playing rock music. As I said in last Sunday's Music post, lyrics didn't real move me back when I started listening to metal. That is until this album came out... The album I had read about it CCM… Continue reading Sunday Music: Stryper | You Know What To Do