Stryper Friday: This I Pray My second favorite song off of the album Even The Devil Believes. Dang, I love this whole album😊 *Sorry, this was meant to go up last night. I hit publish and exited the app. Well, as you can tell it didn't 😢

Stryper Friday: Ashes To Ashes Here is the newest release and it came out the same day as the 😮 This is crazy. They keep getting better! I'll have to pick up the physical CD later on but for now Stu is buying the digital version😊 This could very well be the best album of their career!! And… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Ashes To Ashes

Stryper Friday: Transgressor Now, THIS is the Stryper I love. Check out Robert's drum playing. He's so tired by the end he just kicks back in exhaustion. Michael's screams😮 This lyrics are powerful as always. Perry and Oz jamming and doing BGVs. I have listened to this like 50 times since it was released yesterday. Unlike most… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Transgressor

Monday’s Music To Move You: Sacred Warrior| He Died Though Rebellion is my favorite song off of Scared Warriors debut album this is the song that moves me the most...

R I.P. Ted Kirkpatrick

Man, the Christian Rock scene has been hit hard here of late. So many are being called home leaving a void in ministry. Prayerfully the Lord will call others to rise up and become metal missionaries to a lost and dying world. Ted, the founder, mastermind and drummer for Tourniquet passed away yesterday from idiopathic… Continue reading R I.P. Ted Kirkpatrick