Thursday’s 80’s Music: Philadelphia | No Compromise It's time to share a local band. Philadelphia originated from my home town of Shreveport, Louisiana. Originally they were a bar band...secular band you could say. Then in 1984 Christ came in and took over. No compromise is off their first album entitled Tell The Truth. Ron Flowers the bassist lived not too far… Continue reading Thursday’s 80’s Music: Philadelphia | No Compromise

The Before And After Tag

Gail has tagged me in The Before And After Tag which was created by Robert over at Watching Daily At Wisdom's Gate. Thank you very much Gail for allowing me share some of my life with everyone Here are the rules: Use the image at the top of the post; Answer the 10 questions; And… Continue reading The Before And After Tag

Death Of A Loved One: Six Years Later

November 9th 2013 was a very sad day for a lot of dear people in my life... It was the day this beautiful, crazy, loving and caring woman received her calling card from the Lord to come home. This woman, the mother of my best friend Joey, became a mom to me as well. It's… Continue reading Death Of A Loved One: Six Years Later

Tell The Story Challenge II | The Locked Door

Renee from ❤ Heart Tokens ❤ has tagged me in The Eclectic Contrarian's Tell The Story Tag, which he created. Renee's story was so powerful I reblogged it! If you have not read her Tell The Story about Hephzibah you NEED to because Renee is pondering a part 2 because God has truly placed this… Continue reading Tell The Story Challenge II | The Locked Door

Sunday Music: Def Leppard | Rock Of Ages Man, sometimes parents can be such an embarrassment! My mom, bless her soul, tried real hard to keep me from rock music. And I mean really hard. If it wasn't Southern Gospel or Country music it basically had to be smuggled into the house and listened to when I was outside in the treehouse… Continue reading Sunday Music: Def Leppard | Rock Of Ages