Deeply Saddened

Today I have been looking for older blogs I have not heard from lately since we are slow due to the weather. Yes, I took time off last year and did not engage much. But I found out today that Pat, a dear blogging friend, passed away on the 10th of March last year due… Continue reading Deeply Saddened

Not Forsaken: Day 5

Here is the devotional: Imagine a classic summertime backyard barbecue. Can you smell the burgers, brats and baby back ribs on the grill? Maybe you’ll cap the night with a classic marshmallow roast over an open fire.Now imagine you have just one minor problem…you don’t have any teeth! You’ll miss out on the char-grilled delicacies… Continue reading Not Forsaken: Day 5

Reclaiming Your Identity As A Man: Who You Are & Whose You Are

Here is the devotional: Yesterday we talked about a false identity and how we often find it easy to outsource our self-worth to things that don’t help us. Today we want to talk about where we came from. I have a five-year-old son who is bright eyed and ever so curious about the world around… Continue reading Reclaiming Your Identity As A Man: Who You Are & Whose You Are

My Post Picks For October 2019

What a freaking month this one has been. I've honestly been in a dark place for most of it. Tomorrow can not get here fast enough for Stu...though I will freeze to death at work🥶 Despite my issues, I have managed to read and write a little. Such wonderful posts/stories have been shared. Many hit… Continue reading My Post Picks For October 2019

The Hurting…

For every bad seed the devil whispers in our ear whether by someone or our own thoughts....God says trust in me. For every bit of joy the devil is trying to steal from us...God says trust in me. The devil is a thief and a liar. God is holy and sovereign. I am at a… Continue reading The Hurting…