Stu’s World LXXXII

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't share anything last weekend. It was sort of a bummer for me. I was trying to go see Angie and nothing panned out😥 I had mentioned to a few people that I had the money saved for a car. I found one. Set everything in motion and bam... It was… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXXII

Stu’s World LXXVIII

I miss Angie😥 I knew seeing her would make me miss her more. We were planning on another weekend together this coming weekend but the weather is going to hinder that. She had some abdominal issues this week that caused a lot of pain for her. And this coming week she has major Dr. appointments… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXVIII

Stu’s World LXX

I so want to let the bad Stu out of his cage right now. This world has gone bonkers over this election. People are losing friends over a candidate?!?! Really? I think people need to buy themselves a bigger pacifier! Christians staying to others that you can't be Christian and vote for Biden. My relationship… Continue reading Stu’s World LXX

Prayers Please

I just had someone offer me a car. The asking price is 650.00 I just need to take a look at the vehicle and decide what I need to do. All that is wrong with the car is that it idles too high. So I would need to figure out why and possibly which sensor… Continue reading Prayers Please

Stu’s World XLVII

Wow, what a week. With the tornados on Easter Sunday we have been swamped with orders from all the contractors repairing homes, apartments and businesses. I have basically just been coming home from work, eating a quick bite and go to bed. Heck for three days straight I fell asleep on the couch around 6… Continue reading Stu’s World XLVII