Sunday Music: Scott Stapp | Broken Have you watched those around you lately? Do you really see? Do you see the pain behind the forced smile? Do you feel the sadness behind the words..."I'm ok." This world is broken and yet we live comfortably in our little bubbles. But let me ask you this? Do you care... About the little… Continue reading Sunday Music: Scott Stapp | Broken

Daily Inspiration 2019: Day 166 | Broken & Crushed

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalms 34:18

Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!

God can heal a broken heart/life, we just have to be willing surrender the brokenness to Him and let Him work. Step by step. Minute by minute. Hurt by hurt. Emotion by emotion. Until it doesn't hurt taking a step forward or even backwards because at that moment your emotions/heart got hurt. God cares for… Continue reading Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!

So Many Things

My head feels like a cauldron that is being stirred over and over again. So many thoughts So many concerns So many ideas So many memories An Angel on one side A demon on the other Turning one way Then the other A constant state of turmoil This is me right now I know who… Continue reading So Many Things

For My Best Friend: Honestly I know you are hurting. I'm hurting for you. I am so sorry you are going through this. It breaks my heart knowing I can't be there by your side to help. I know you don't read my blog, but if you ever chose to and see this...I love you! I will always be… Continue reading For My Best Friend: Honestly