Cry Like A Man: Day 4

Devotional While none of us are immune to a lack of confidence at times telling us we’re never good enough, so many of our failures are due to a lack of mental fortitude needed to overcome the discouragement and weariness of battle. Just because we’ve broken through a challenge once—using brute force—doesn’t mean we’ll be… Continue reading Cry Like A Man: Day 4

Cry Like A Man: Day 3

Devotional The ambulance was pulling into the ER when I arrived, and I ran to Daryll’s (Big D) side. His arms dangled over the stretcher as it was lowered out. He wasn’t moving. The man that could press 300-plus pounds over his head, and he didn’t move a muscle. Unconscious, unresponsive, helpless. It puts the… Continue reading Cry Like A Man: Day 3

Cry Like A Man: Day 2

Devotional In the past, music had been my strength, and it still was—deep inside me, exactly where I had left it. Back in the studio, I was growing, absorbing and applying all the lessons that accumulate with every personality that makes a contribution to your skill set. But as with most education no matter what… Continue reading Cry Like A Man: Day 2

Are We Holding Our Sons Back Emotionally?

One of the things, I believe, that held me back emotionally growing up was the saying "Boys Don't Cry!" We as a family, were all outside cleaning up the yard...well my parents sister and I were playing. That's what six and three-year olds do. But we were playing in the clovers I ended… Continue reading Are We Holding Our Sons Back Emotionally?

Death Of A Loved One

I recently lost my second mom. And by that I mean she, Susie Jordan, was my best friends mom. She treated me as her own son. She gave me advice, she fed me but more importantly she loved me. And I loved her. It brought back memories of my PawPaw. You see I didn't want… Continue reading Death Of A Loved One