M Is For Majestic

Majestic...we often say that term in reference to the bald eagle as it soars so high. But what about every other God created thing? Majestic is splendor, beauty, awe inspiring, etc. What about the beaver/duck mix called the platypus? God's humor in motion. What about the anteater? I think I need one as a pet… Continue reading M Is For Majestic

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Guys, when you tell your wife how beautiful she is and her reaction is to turn around in circles and go “where” or “ who are you talking to” I know it hurts. I have felt that pain before...many times. Those words are the ones my wife used. Many times while my wife was taking… Continue reading Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Letter to a Wife

Dear wife, I was thinking of waking you this morning but when I got back in the bedroom, after shaving, I saw how peaceful you looked. So I just stood there and watched you sleep. You are so beautiful, honey! Then while I was standing there I just started to cry so I left to… Continue reading Letter to a Wife