Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Barnabas | No Freedom This gem was released in 1983 before I started listening to Christian Rock. A friend of mine from high school introduced me to Barnabas shortly after I started listening to Stryper in 85. I was floored by the music but Nancy's voice just struck a chord with me for some reason. She is the… Continue reading Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Barnabas | No Freedom

Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands

There is just something about the female voice... A female fronted Christian band list would not be complete without one of it's pioneers... Barnabas Scarlet Red Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM) Icon For Hire Silversyde Everlife Flyleaf Submission Red Revelation X Fireflight Plumb Gretchen… Continue reading Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands