Wednesday’s Life Song: Demon Hunter | I Will Fail You This song is an eye opener. We are all broken people. And we fail each other. Even when forgiven and the faith in one is restored they let us down again. This goes with 70x7 Jesus talks about as well as the Bible study for this week on forgiveness.

Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord

Here is the devotional: King David was an interesting character in the Old Testament. He was quite a combination of humility and compromise, courage and devious cunning, praising and warring. David, the shepherd boy turned king, was one of the most inspirational leaders and yet one of the most sinful.Just imagine for a moment the… Continue reading Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord

Forgiveness Brings Healing: Ask For Forgiveness

Here is the devotional: Have you ever met people who were proud or stubborn? Have you noticed they have a hard time saying “I’m sorry” or “Please forgive me; I was wrong”? Why is it so hard to say “I’m sorry?” and “Please forgive me”?I believe it has a lot to do with false pride… Continue reading Forgiveness Brings Healing: Ask For Forgiveness