Stu’s World LI

Boy oh boy... This week has been insanely busy at work. Tuesday was the worse ever. Orders kept coming in and we were all at each other's throats almost. One of the salesman came up to me and one of the supervisors asking why everyone is on edge. He goes these guys are busting their… Continue reading Stu’s World LI

Stu’s World L

I can not believe I have been sharing my sometimes crazy, sometimes boring world with you all for 50 weeks. It has almost been one full year of me sharing the weekly things that happen in Stu's World 😮 In that time you have been able to...hopefully...understand me a little better. I have shared my… Continue reading Stu’s World L

Stu’s World XLIX

This week has been such a trip! Both in good ways and not so good ways.Let's begin with work...shall we...Super crazy busy! At one point I was working on seven customers waiting out front plus one for delivery. We have a new guy. Well sort of. He's been with us about a month. But he… Continue reading Stu’s World XLIX