Anchored Through Deep Waters: Hope

Here is the devotional: In depression, there can be a cloud just hovering above your head that leaves you feeling like healing will never come. The great thing is that God doesn’t give us a timeline throughout our struggles, but He always promising to come through. Depression and even anxiety appear like chains, so let’s… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Hope

Anchored Through Deep Waters: Broken

Here is the devotional: How many times have we heard the concept of being broken is the perfect position for a miracle? I hate to burst your bubble, but that is not totally true. Now, being broken can be an avenue for a miracle, but I believe the position for the miracle is in surrender.… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Broken

Anchored Through Deep Waters: Will, Works, Or Ways?

Here is the devotional: Most of us grew up knowing verses like John 3:16 or Jeremiah 29:11….Where has the purpose of memorizing scripture left our generation? We are unfortunately people that know the works of God, seeking the will of God, but question the ways of God. I can absolutely guarantee you that depression will… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Will, Works, Or Ways?

Anchored Through Deep Waters: Peace

Here is the devotional: Can you find peace in depression? Sounds crazy I know. Is it possible that right in the middle of your situation you can find rest and peace? I have referred to depression as a valley in previous entries. This is exactly what it is- a valley. In your emotional issues you… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Peace

Anchored Through Deep Waters: Tears

Here is the devotional: Depression is an emotional illness that will cause emotional responses. Our world seems to think depression is just a weak man’s problem. The truth is that depression takes over even the strongest people. I know that right now, as your reading, you still doubt that healing will ever come, but you… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Tears