Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Would Anyone Care 😮 This is my first time hearing any of their songs to my knowledge and oh boy let me tell songs for reals! Check them out. There is one song with a curse word but wow. Powerful song none the less! How many people in our influence of friends feel this way? How… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Would Anyone Care

Living Lust Free: Accountability

Here is the devotional: From the beginning of my more than thirty years in counseling men who are trying to overcome lust, I have used this tip because it gives men the highest likelihood of becoming lust-free: Make a phone call. This principle has two applications. The first application is to call another man every… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Accountability

Monday’s Music To Move You: Micah Tyler | Walking Free This is just beautiful! There IS freedom folks & it's found only in the name of Jesus!!

Yes, You Really Can Change: Where Do We Get The Power To Change?

Here is the devotional: A lot of Christians strive month after month, year after year, to change. Over time, though, they get weary, feel defeated, and give up. They have forgotten (or never understood) the bedrock truth of what Jesus did on the cross, and what it means for transformation. Jesus bore the penalty of… Continue reading Yes, You Really Can Change: Where Do We Get The Power To Change?

Sunday’s Music: Brother LG | Momma Don’t Cry Wow! That's all