Sunday Music: Chris McClarney | Speak To The Mountains I do believe this should be the addicts battle cry!

The Delusion Of Porn: You Were Created For More

Here is the devotional: Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this is funny, but every time I read Jesus’ words about lust in the Sermon on the Mount, I think about pirates.After all, the only people I know with one eye and one hand are pirates. I’m guessing Jesus isn’t being overly literal here… Continue reading The Delusion Of Porn: You Were Created For More

Sunday Music: NF | How Could You Leave Us? I went down a rabbit hole last night til 3am. I just couldn't stop. Have you ever watched those reaction videos? You know the ones where someone listens to a song for the first and you get to see and hear their reactions. Well that was me last night. Couldn't sleep to save my… Continue reading Sunday Music: NF | How Could You Leave Us?

Understanding Men | Why Do Men Look At Pornography? 

Hey everyone😊 The collaboration between Charity & I has officially begun. Go check it out. Leave your comments. Let us hear from you.

Charity, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate with you♥️

Confessions and Thoughts of a Reluctant Preacher's Daughter

*Warning: This post contains content that may be offensive or explicit. My backstory is an honest account of past events that I would not repeat or recommend.

This is a new series for me. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile and I am finally getting around to it.

Ok, here we go:

I am constantly trying to understand men. Whenever I am hurt or puzzled over something a man does, I try to find out the intention and meaning behind it. I can often be found saying, “I don’t want to hate men, I want to understand them.” One issue that puzzles me is pornography. I would like to understand why men like to look at it and how to react when they do. I asked my good friend, Stuart, over at Something To Stu Over if he would be interested in collaborating with me on…

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A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me I just happened to run across this about 30 minutes ago. Wow! To think that parole officer officer was within 100 ft of Jaycee and didn't know. This man was smart with the sound proof shed but to tell a naked child, that you just kidnapped, I took you so you can help me… Continue reading A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me