Prayers Please

Guys, please pray for me. I was searching for a song for my Sunday Music post and an old song from my children was brought to mind. It is a work in progress and will not be shared tomorrow. You will understand when you see it in a couple of weeks. But it's a tough… Continue reading Prayers Please


The Sunshine Blogger Award | Testimony

Ok guys, let's be real..Amy played You see, I nominated her for the Sunshine Blogger Award and then she turns around and nominates me. She answered the questions I posed amazingly! But her number of questions for her nominees were waaayyy off! Yeah..Amy is breaking the rules. ­čÖâ She asks one. One! And yet… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award | Testimony

Tag-Teaming The Enemy

Imagine this...four ring...two on a team with one starting the match for each side. The bell rings and there they go, circling each other, sizing their opponent up and then wham!...physical contact to inflict inflict damage. This pain and damage is meant to make their opponent surrender the match while the whole time… Continue reading Tag-Teaming The Enemy

The Impossible Is Possible

All those struggles you have been trying to overcome on your own...give them to God. He alone has the answers to your questions. He alone will give you the direction to overcome.  God forgives, redeems and restores! It does not matter if it is smoking, porn, gambling, stealing, drinking, or any other sin. All you… Continue reading The Impossible Is Possible

Day 27 Of Inspiration: We Have Backup!

Could You Fast For A Year From Sex, Drugs & Alcohol To Find Your True Self?

I had a very interesting message sent to me the other day via my page Resurrecting the Redeemed From Porn Addiction from a Ivana A. Sanders. In this message Ivana informed me that she is writing, producing, and directing an independent filmed that is in development called The Abstinence Project. The title alone peaked my… Continue reading Could You Fast For A Year From Sex, Drugs & Alcohol To Find Your True Self?

Sex Within Marriage~From The Pulpit

This has got to be the only sermon on sex I have ever heard. WOW! It is real! It is honest! It is Biblical! It must be shared. This is beautifully┬ádone and paints such a wonderful picture of how sex within marriage should be. Here is the video, but go and watch it on his… Continue reading Sex Within Marriage~From The Pulpit