Dear Hollywood, That Is Not How It Works

Dear Hollywood, Would you please stop giving young men and women the wrong impression on sex? Maybe your screen writers are living out their sexual fantasies through the scripts for a certain scene, which by the way was not even needed in the film...but hey, sex sells. But if you are going to have those… Continue reading Dear Hollywood, That Is Not How It Works

Friday’s Love Song: Exile | Kiss You All Over Some of y'all are wayyyy to young to know this one. And then some of y'all may be scared because of the title😂 But this is a classic love song that came out in the 70's. Yeah, the generation that hid so much in their songs😂😂 But this one is straight forward. He loves… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Exile | Kiss You All Over

Mirror Series VI

How did it get so bad? I spent the whole night crying and not sleeping! How did it get so bad you ask? Well...let's go back and allow me to explain a few things to you along the way. So you feel it all began with the naked women and the playing cards, right? Yes.… Continue reading Mirror Series VI

Code Purple: The Empty Nest

Here is the devotional: Today’s CODE PURPLE is talking about your kids moving out.This one may hurt a little bit as we are going through it right now. My youngest son is getting married in less than 2 months, and my oldest son looks to be on the same path soon after. We homeschooled our… Continue reading Code Purple: The Empty Nest

Code Purple: The Hubba Hubba

Here is the devotional: Yep, we’re talking about sex. As a teenager, I thought that when I got married, we’d have sex every day. It was probably the hormones of a teenager talking, but that is what I thought. After all, my wife and I both waited to have sex with each other until we… Continue reading Code Purple: The Hubba Hubba