Living Lust Free: Love vs. Lust

Here is the devotional: We have all heard various phrases about opposites such as, “that’s like oil and water.” Lust and love are polar opposites, much like oil and water. The origin of lust is our own self. Love, on the other hand, not only comes from God, it is God.When we lust we are… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Love vs. Lust

Living Lust Free: Fighting Lust In The Moment

Here is the devotional: The battle of lust is in the moment. The minute you choose to objectify a daughter of God, you may become tempted to use reflexive reactions of minimization or denial in order to protect lustful behaviors.It is critical to create a new reflex for the times you find yourself “in the… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Fighting Lust In The Moment

Living Lust Free: Combating Lust With Scripture

Here is the devotional: When you believe a scripture, lust has no strength against it. Scripture does to lust what kryptonite does to Superman. It weakens the grip of lust on your mind and can make it quickly flee from your heart. Remember, lust is your flesh. The Word of God can kill your flesh… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Combating Lust With Scripture

Jesus: He Gets Us | He’s Vulnerable Like Us

Here is the devotional: Ask any recovering alcoholic and they’ll tell you before you claim victory one day at a time, you must resist the temptation to drink one hour at a time. Even one moment at a time.Overcoming the temptation to choose the wrong is a battle of moments for all of us. When… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | He’s Vulnerable Like Us

RITUALS = Pre-Programmed Feet, Eyes, etc.

A wonderful post by my dear friend Hugh who is a fellow warrior against pornography, author and mentor to many.

Jesus Is The Best

The repetitive behaviors of addiction involve routines which can be termed “rituals” or ingrained routines that feel like a compulsion. When I was caught up in pornography past experiences had convinced me that when I began the ritual by going downtown, I would end up going into a certain used bookstore once again. It felt inevitable.

There is a point of no return in any given ritual, where you know that you are going to complete it. While you may try very hard to pressure yourself through guilt and shame not to act out, deep inside, you know that eventually, you are going to carry out this routine or ritual. After all, it’s what you always do.

The newest books in the Holy Bible are nearly 2,000 years old. And the book of Proverbs is something like 3,000 years old. That’s why I’m so amazed by how relevant these writings…

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