Saturday’s Random Music: Malachias | All For You This is a song from a dear brother of mine Malachias Gaskin and his beautiful wife Paige. They do so much for veterans and PTSD Check out his website A Warrior's Garden

Wednesday’s Life Song: J.J. Heller | My Missing Peace This one may tug at your heartstrings. I've never been a pregnant woman of course but I am a dad who has walked through two difficult pregnancies with my ex-wife. The doctors felt it would be better for us to terminate our first child due to the extra chromosome. They gave us this long… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: J.J. Heller | My Missing Peace

Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 3

Here is the devotional: Our winning and losing in the everyday will depend on our understanding of the battle and of whom we are fighting. We won’t be powerful over the enemy until we see this life-or-death fight up close and personal. We must learn how he operates, uncover his schemes, and acknowledge his threat… Continue reading Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 3

Pastors Need To Quit Saying This…

A friend of mine posted a segment of a pastor's sermon where the pastor told the women in his congregation that they are the reason men lust😮 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 So of course I commented. And said...There lies a lot of the problem. Preaching wrong things behind the pulpit. Yes, we should dress appropriately for church. But… Continue reading Pastors Need To Quit Saying This…

Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Set Your Mind On The Spirit

Here is the devotional: So we've spent the last few days speaking with truth, and now it's time to add grace to this conversation. Men, we might be hard-wired to be visually stimulated, but we are more than conquerors through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 5: 20-21 says, “Now the law came in… Continue reading Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Set Your Mind On The Spirit