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Stu’s World: Hurting

Brandon and I went to the movies yesterday. And while we were out I heard that a dear friend of mine relapsedšŸ˜­

I will not say her name here as she has read my blog in the past.

She went to Celebrate Recovery with me for a long time. Sober, happy and on fire for God. We hung out a lot and some actually thought we were dating but you guys know who holds my heart. She got her children back and even got married. Everything seemed to be going great.

There are things I have heard about her husband that makes me mad and sad at the same time. But, as I have no proof of what I heard,Ā  it bears no mentioning here.

But IF what I hear is true I believe it is the main cause for the relapse.

I’m just praying that she does not lose her kids againšŸ™

This news broke my heart yesterday. Brandon saw me cry for the first time in a long time. I hate drugs!

I am hoping Angie will feel up to going to see King & Country next month. She has not been feeling well…period.

We haven’t talked in over a month and it’s drives me nuts. There has been a lot happen and I can’t tell her about any of it when I need to. So I just sleep. Which is not good for me either but oh well. That’s how lonely people cope at times.

I do talk to D about some of it and as much as I love D it’s not the same as sharing my thoughts and hurts with Angie. Totally different bond…

But anyway please pray for my relapsed friend and her children please.

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Hurting”

  1. Father God, your Son Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who leaves the 99 sheep to search for lost sheep. Thank you for going to search for Stu’s Celebrate Recovery friend. You are drawing her with your lovingkindness. Thank you. I lift up Angie and pray that you would meet her during this season in her life. May Angie open her heart to you and her friend Stu. Father, I ask for Stu, that you would become his best friend, especially when he feels lonely. Nothing is to difficult for you. Encircle all three of them with your love. You never fail us and great is your faithfulness.

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