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Stu’s World: Quick Update

I’m still alive y’all. I chose to take a break from all social media basically for a few weeks. I truly needed the break. No Facebook, no Twitter, no MeWe, no WordPress, etc.

Thanks Deb and Renee for reaching out and checking on me through messenger.

The beginning of the year has been a tough one. Has been since starting at Russell Moore due to their Holiday system and how they pay. The yard hands basically get shafted. So I’m still behind…ughhh. I even had to sleep in my car a couple of nights due to the lights being cut off. First night was fine. Second and third drop down to the 30’s. Slept in the car for heat.

But I will till you that a Scion is the absolute worse comfortable vehicle to sleep in!!!

Car is still doing great. But even having a vehicle I have only seen Angie once since buying it. Couldn’t afford to with the pay. Hopefully I’ll get caught up in a few weeks by working every Saturday til March…lol

We welcomed back an old employee last week. He and I started the same day. He has been missed for the past year and a half.

Brandon and I went to see the new Avatar movie. He paid😮 and he didn’t fall asleep. Shocked both of us. That says a lot about how good the movie is to keep his attention. I would pay to go see it again.

Like I said just a quick update. It’s bed time. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

A little reminder from God Saturday at work😊

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