Christmas Rant

Once again…

Dad is left out in the cold due to ex-wife.

I try real hard not to bad mouth the kids mom. Because believe you me the old me really wants to come out and play and be the royal ass that all men can be.

But I hold it all in. Giving it God helps but it does not go away as the kids are always saying how much of a disdain they have for their mom.

This year she was going down south to spend Christmas with her brother. Brandon did not want to go and instead said he wanted to spend Christmas here with his dad. So I made what little plans I could considering financial status.

Plans are shot as their mom changed her plans once she found that out.

I have yet to see the kids and it’s Christmas day because her family comes first.

I’m so sick of this crap! Y’all it will not pretty when all this pent up anger finally explodes.

I have not enjoyed a Christmas in probably 10 years. As a matter of fact…no holiday.

To be completely honest it almost makes me wish I had never started dating their mom in the first place. She is like her mom. The one person she swore she would never become and yet here she is…a selfish old prune (the nicest thing I can say)

She’ll get payback though. Once Brandon moves out in a few years and she is left completely alone because she has pushed away everyone. Her oldest left, Erin moved out two years ago and lives with her sister and neither have communication with her. And I still have to pay child support for Erin who sees none of the money.

Who am I kidding Brandon sees none of it either. Child support is a joke. There I said it. Ladies get mad all you want I don’t care. I respect your opinion to think otherwise but don’t come at me with comments because with the mood I am in at moment you would get your feelings hurt…js.

I hope my fellow blogger are having a good Christmas at least.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Rant”

  1. Oh Stu, my heart breaks for you! I will pray for future blessings with your son. But as for your ex, some women are just hateful and hurtful. This is her being completely self-centered cause evidently CHRISTMAS is all about her? She has it all wrong of course. All I can do is encourage you to keep CHRISTMAS alive in your heart. Read and reread the GOSPEL account and let the grace and wonder of it fill your heart Stu. Bless your broken heart right now and sending you hugs from AZ!

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  2. I have seen this with my both sisters and their husbands and my my inlaws. My husband can’t stand his parents and only deals with them out of responsibility. He the only child. His mother had parented him out of guilty and selfishness his whole life. The moment he was able to make a choice on his own he left he left her and it’s been his life mission to make our marriage and family the total opposite of what he had to deal with. She is a mess, even to me. Both my sisters deal with some type of step/ex-maddness and their spouses- and I hear about it all the time. What is the most sick about is the kids are totally torn apart while the adults play revenge games. I am not saying that’s what you are doing but in most cases their is always someone trying to get back at someone else or put on a show. It’s so sad.
    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this and I am even more sorry your kids are. YOu are right though. One day your child will grow up and figure this put on his own and make choices for himself and the parents will get be very alone… pretty wondering why. That’s what happened in my husbands case. It does make marriage hard… we have hard to go through so much because of his fears of abandonment from his parents.
    I am praying for you are your family my friend.

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