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Stu’s World CXVII

Well…I managed to get propane in my eye today. You know what? That crap burns!! It took three eye washings and 6 hours for my left eye to quit stinging . All while working in freezing rain with the wind blowing. I finally had to stop working and just stand behind my lift. One to keep warm and two so I could get out of the wind.

It’s official. Angie and I are going to see King & Country. They sent me an email saying they were doing a one day sale on tickets. I was like ok I’ll check it out…thinking it would be like 10 percent off. Well to my utter surprise they were 50 percent off😮 So yeah I bought them and sent her a screenshot of her ticket😊 She’s happy!

The car is still doing great by the way. Twenty four in gas covers me for the week. Just had new brakes put on. So that is done. Now for the back hatch handle to be fixed. Then start saving for new tires.

Check out these cool clouds from the other day…

This one has what looks like a fist in it. Or it could be a dragon flying upside down with no wings

Photo really does not do the clouds justice. They were gorgeous.

And this little lady showed up in a credit from a job site. Glad I was wearing gloves.

Saw this on Facebook today…


I’m also hoping to go to Winter Jam this go round as Disciple and We The Kingdom will be playing 👊

And Stryper next year…sweet!!!

And of course to see Angie😍

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World CXVII”

    1. The eye is fine now. Hoping sleep helps even more. Oh, it burned like crazy for about two hours. At least it did not discolor my face like it did D last year when it happened to him. It just got on his chin thank goodness!

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  1. Stu,, so good to hear that your car is reliable and economical to drive. Sounds so much better than the last one. Congratulations on you and Angie getting to see King & Country. Really liked your cloud photos.

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