Grandfather Forgives Murderer

This is written by Athena Strand’s grandfather, Mark…powerful and beautiful.

I can’t quiet my mind and I have to share this. A friend just asked me the other day if I believe God speaks to people? I happen to know He does, as He is speaking to me now. This flesh, this man that I am, is angry and I want 5 minutes alone in a cell with the psycho that took our Athena away from us, but there’s a soft gentle voice in the back of my head telling me I need to forgive him. This flesh man, wants that psycho to burn in hell for all eternity, yet that gentle voice continues to tell me, I need to forgive him. This flesh man hopes he remains blind and deaf to the message of salvation and never sets foot in the same heaven that I know in my heart my darling Athena resides in now and yet, that gentle voice persists. Why you ask? Because Hate is a powerful force that will take root in your soul. God wants to protect us all from that hate. Hate is the gateway for the Evil we see growing in the world today. If you stood that man before me right now, because of the hate that’s trying to root itself in my mind, I would probably kill him. Then that hate would root itself in my heart and I would be destroyed. That gentle voice is the Holy Spirit of God speaking to me right now. He’s reminding me that my savior Jesus, willingly laid Himself on a cross and died in my place to reconcile me to God the Father, but also that He did that for All of Us, even this man that my flesh so Hates at this very moment. I am a sinful man, yet I’ve heard this voice before and I miss hearing this voice. If I allow this hate to consume me, that voice will fade and eventually be silenced. Then that ugly spirit of hate will have succeeded and that’s why this gentle voice persists to tell me I need to forgive this man. It’s for my protection and my peace. It’s to set me free from this hate and allow me to continue to hear God’s gentle voice. There’s not one ounce of my flesh that wants to do this or say this, but my spirit has heard God’s voice and right now, while tears flood my eyes, I declare publicly that I forgive this man! Hate will not win. I hope my family will understand that I don’t do this for the sake of this man. I do this for the sake of my family and myself and to Honor the voice of God who is giving me the strength to say this. I do this to honor our precious Athena who knew no hate. This man won’t be allowed any real estate to live in my brain, he belongs to God and God’s justice will done. Love Conquers All and Forgives. Today, I choose Love and hate loses.

This speaks volumes!!!

Now that the Holy Spirit has moved your heart…who do you need to forgive?

From a person who has many loved please watch each other’s backs out there!

Athena had just gotten off the bus. Fed Ex driver takes her and kills her. This happened just that quick. This is just so so saddening.

We have heart issues folks and people don’t even realize that this IS the problem.

The United States is a “Christian” nation yet many don’t even know the God they claim. It’s just sad! Basically we, as a nation, have taken God out of the equation…period!

4 thoughts on “Grandfather Forgives Murderer”

  1. God bless this hurting family. What courage for Grandpa to forgive – and publicly forgive – the murderer.
    Again, forgiving does not mean saying ‘it’s all okay.’ It’s not okay, and it will never be okay. Forgiving means we give it to God to handle, and that we sacrifice at His altar our desire for revenge.

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