Stu's World

Stu’s World CXVI

This little shoe box is a great ride. It did very well this weekend to and from Shreveport.

I just made it to the house to find out my lights will be turned off tomorrow😢

Looks like in my haste in getting out of the car problem scenario I forget to pay last months bill. I paid what I could. Prayerfully they will give me a week’s extension to cover the other 126.

But on a good note. Angie and I enjoyed just chilling, playing with the dogs and watching movies this weekend.

The hardest part is always the goodbye hug cuz I don’t want to let go😢

Hopefully more weekends to come😊

D finally got the title for the car he bought. It has been tied up in the court system due to the fact the vehicle was the seller’s husband’s vehicle before he passed away.

Tomorrow his car will be legal😊

So there are two positives out of this week!

I really am enjoying the car. It was nice being able to pick D up for work and take him home last week.

Anyway. I’m tired. I hope everyone has a great week.

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