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I’m sitting here in the parking lot of the local laundromat pondering yesterday’s Bible Study post. One thing has been on my mind from that post…

This is because the enemy is 100 percent invested in keeping us in the wilderness while God is 100 percent invested in guiding us to the promised land.

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The universal battle. God vs the devil. Flesh vs spirit. Angel on one shoulder demon on the other. However you want to name the struggle we call life.

One is not a child of God until they accept the fact that Jesus Christ is IN fact the son of God, died on the cross for our sins as our sacrificial lamb and rose again.

Until that point in life we are all the devil’s pawns…if you will. We are in fact God’s enemy..

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
James 4:4 KJV

For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.
Romans 5:10 KJV

The devil will throw everything including the kitchen sink at you to keep you from trusting in God much less believe that Jesus rise from the dead after dying.

Unlike us, the apple of God’s eye, the devil has no chance for redemption!

And since he knows he has no redemption then he feels we do not need redemption either.

But thank God we have the opportunity to become sons and daughters of God through an heirship through Jesus!

but when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,

to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.

And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.

Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.
Galatians 4:4‭-7 KJV

While we are living on this earth, the devil’s playground, there will be daily battles with both sides pulling the proverbial tug of war!

We, as believers, know who wins the war. But battles take place daily…sometimes every hour it seems.

It depends on which side we feed as to how our battles turn out.

I’ll be honest…I haven’t been feeding the evil side of Stu as much as I used to. But I haven’t been feeding the Godly side as much as I need to for the past several months.

It’s time to starve the evil and quit giving place to the devil!

As I said in the opening paragraph I sitting in the parking lot of the local laundromat…in my new to me shoebox on wheels.

Yes, Stu bought a new car. One that actually runs. Sold the Buick for about a grand less than what I had put into it. Used that money plus my annual bonus and bought a Scion. Literally a shoebox on wheels

Tax, title & license plate plus a new inspection sticker put me in the “negative”. I say negative because that was part of child support. Hopefully the ex will be nice and allow me to be a week late.

The date is set. Next weekend I will be in Shreveport visiting Angie.

I could have went this weekend but chose to stay home since Joshua just had surgery. That and I’m broke.

Angie has already warned me NOT to come see her every weekend. I told her can’t as I have to work every other weekend. And she giggled saying yeah right…I know you. You would leave work, come and stay one night and then turn around and drive home. I laughed because she is right.

I left work work at lunch time one day drove the 2 hours just to give her a hug because she said she needed one and then I drove back to work to finish out my shift.

She said we can’t have you spending all your money coming to see me.

And she’s right. We can’t. I have to get those King & Country tickets ordered somehow 😊 I don’t want her to miss this opportunity to see them.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. Please continue praying as they are still needed.

Have a blessed week everyone!!!

Grabbed this off of Facebook the other day…