Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Weight Of The World

I have been where this song speaks of on numerous occasions.

I’ve had suicidal thoughts. I even tried once in junior high. Thank God I didn’t succeed.

The pressure from what does feel like the weight of the world is so freaking heavy.

Drinking never fixed anything as my issues were still there when I sobered up.

Being sexually active never fixed anything either though it felt good for an hour or so but then I added more guilt to the equation…ughh

The ONLY thing I have found that helps is Jesus.

Following Jesus is no bed of roses.

There will be days where, like I feel right now, you just want to give up because nothing seems to be going right. And that maybe the Book of Job should be renamed and have our name inserted.

But Jesus gets us through. Life with Jesus is hard as hell at times but then the joy does come I promise.

Don’t give up. I’m here if you need to talk. Send me an email.

1 thought on “Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Weight Of The World”

  1. Jesus does make all the difference. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, when he walked this earth. He understands and carries our burdens, when we are willing to give them to him. Blessings!

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