Wednesday’s Life Song: Dax w/Elle King | Dear Alcohol

The term wasted never resonated with me as an alcoholic term. I’ve been drunk off my gourd many times where I couldn’t talk right, walk straight and passed the freak out.

For me wasted was a Mary Jane term. But people use different words like lit. Lit to me could mean drunk or high.

The message of this song, regardless of the term you use, is real. We can’t deal…so we self-medicate. Wanting to stop but not seeing the way. Wanting to reach out but scared to do so.

Let me say this…

Dear reader, if you struggle with alcohol, drugs, overeating, porn or any other means of self-medicating your problems Jesus is the way out. He is also the one to reach out to first.

Once you do that Jesus will indeed put someone in your path that you can talk to. I promise that one!

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