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Stu’s World: Car Update & A Few Other Things

I am still without a vehicle.

Why does everyone either lie when advertising their vehicle or withhold key things wrong with said vehicle? So freaking aggravating!!!!!

And why are there so many scammers. I’m not stupid. I learned from my past error. In two weeks I have turned in over 50 people for scam sales.

What makes it worse is that everyone at work asks me about a car EVERY freaking day. I just want to tell them to shut up. When I get a car you will see me pull into the parking lot driving it…geez

I am honestly sick of looking. I feel broken up about it. Finally I have my license fixed and in my back pocket and I can’t seem to find a car within my price range that either works or has not been wrecked.

I can’t afford a car note plus full coverage insurance with child support, rent, phone bill and utilities. It’s just not possible. Well it is but I couldn’t put gas in it much less eat.

I thought I had one. Very promising. Mutual friends from the church. We had scheduled a test drive and then he has a family emergency and I have not heard back from him in weeks. And I really wanted that car.

So for another year I will miss Angie’s birthday. I’m getting so freaking tired of missing her birthdays, concerts, just going to see her and my friends that life in Shreveport as well as family. I missed my pastors funeral as well.  Angie chose not to go because I couldn’t make it.😭😭

She knew him better than I since she worked on staff with him after high school for several years. So I was truly bummed out. I slept that whole weekend to not have to think about the situation at all.

So extra prayers would be nice that Stu doesn’t lose his mind over this car thing anymore than I already have.

I’m not promising anything right now but my mind has begun thinking of things to write about again.

I will also do some more Bible studies if I can find some more good ones. The last few I have done were rather blah to be honest.

D has been listening to his Bible app daily while at work. He is in Leviticus at moment. He has so many questions which is awesome. Pray that the Lord opens D’s mind to comprehend. I told him that he could read the Bible every year for the rest of his life and still miss stuff.  He feels his mind is blown. I laughed and said not yet. Just wait till you get to Song of Solomon or Revelations.

But anyway that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great week.

P.s. I have another set of post picks coming soon😊

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Car Update & A Few Other Things”

  1. Father, thank you for your love and provision for Stu. Nothing is too difficult for you. I call in a vehicle for Stu that is in his budget and in excellent condition. Stu is a child of the King and thank you for your wonderful provision for him. It is all to your glory! Amen

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