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Stu’s World: Update

The good news everything is paid off and I have the receipts for proof. Took a week for one receipt to show up and it came in today. Woo hoo!!

Now to get my license and then a car.

Money is still set aside for a vehicle but my calculations did not take into account that my ride to work would have knee surgery. I have managed to get to work but late everyday which means no overtime. And that is where the calculations are askew.

So basically my tax, title and insurance is now out the window. So that puts me back about 2 maybe 3 weeks to save the 300 needed to cover everything. That sucks but I can not pull from child support which I’m a little short on as well. Losing over 500 in 2 weeks due to getting to work late sucks. But hey I must thank my church friends for helping me GET to work during that time span.

Blessed with that for real!

And I went to Celebrate Recovery to Celebrate the 11th year anniversary of this amazing ministry😊

I plan on going again this Thursday as well. Great worship and a powerful message last week. Speaker was on a roll I tell ya.

I’ve told Angie I’m getting a car soon. She is excited and wants me to take her to Buc-ee’s in Dallas one weekend😍 Can’t wait for that privilege. I’ll just have to save a few hundred so she can enjoy herself😂 We both need a weekend getaway!

Have a great rest of the week.

Prayers on getting everything on track for the vehicle would be appreciated…

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Update”

  1. Thank you Father, that you are a wonderful father, who always takes care of his kids. We praise you for working on the behalf of Stu so he was able to get to work and get his fines paid. Thank you that you are providing the last few hundred dollars he needs. As it is in Heaven may it be in Stu’s life. No delays in getting to work and his getting the needed overtime. Surround Stu with your favor. Thank you Lord! Amen!

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