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Stu’s World CXIV

I didn’t not post anything yesterday and here is why…

I spent almost 4 hours watching this on YouTube last night. There is REAL talk about suicide and addictions with many stories coming from those who volunteered to be on camera. Such as Lacey Sturm, Sonny from P.O.D. , Chris from Five Finger Death Punch, Kevin from Disciple, Brian Head Welch from Korn, Mixi from Stitched Up Heart, Spencer from Underoath and others.

There is language as this was not a “Christian” thing but rather a collaboration between very different people from various backgrounds sharing their stories in hopes of helping someone who was watching.

This was very powerful. I was in on the live chat as several people watching admitted they wanted to kill themselves. And I was blessed to watch as all the viewers showed love and support with scriptures and suicide help numbers.

This was by far the best four hours I have spent doing anything in a while.

I cried at the end when Kevin gave the true reason behind the song Invisible…

Well the lady sold the car before I could get there. I can’t blame her one bit. Angie was a little upset as was I at first. That just means that was not the car for me. So I am back to looking.

But my license issues are officially taken care of… Yoo-hoo!!

The money for a car is safely tucked away. I’m prepared. Tax, title and license plate is not in the money I have on hand so I’m trying to save for that and the dp for insurance. But hey it’s a start.

My back has been messed up all freaking week. I stayed in bed yesterday to give it a rest. It was so bad the guys at work had to help me put the gas tank on my forkliftšŸ˜® I just couldn’t lift it.

I went to church this morning despite the pain of walking. And I so blessed to have gone. A wonderful time of worship and Bro Eddie brought a great lesson from Galatians.

I will be attending Celebrate Recovery this Thursday. It will be our 11th year anniversary for having this wonderful ministry. We still have a hundred or so in attendance each weekšŸ˜Š

I hope everyone has a blessed week.

5 thoughts on “Stu’s World CXIV”

  1. God knows right where you are, Stu. Everything youā€™ve went through had a purpose. To prepare you for helping others who have gone through the same things as you. Keep your hope and faith. You will get the vehicle thatā€™s meant to be. Praying for you. The ladies conference I attended this weekend touched on taking care of our mental health. Thereā€™s so many out there dealing with depression and suicide.

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