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Stu’s World CXII

Hey everyone😊 I hope everyone has been doing well!

I have some freaking amazing news!

Ryan, Angie’s son, is officially a Deputy Sheriff! This young man has worked so hard and studied his butt off for the past 16 weeks. I am so proud of him!

When Angie called me with the news earlier, that he passed his final, I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh so I ended up doing both over the course of the day. I cried tears of joy when she told me and laughed later thanking God for answered prayer. God makes me laugh at times when praying.

So with that being out in the open I will be attending his graduation this Friday morning. One of the guys from work is taking me to Shreveport/Bossier City Thursday and my best friend and brother, Joey, is bring me to back to Rayville Saturday!

I am so super excited no only to be there for Ryan but to spend a few hours with Angie as well😍 I doubt there will be alone time for us but that’s fine. I get to see her, hug her and possible kiss her at least once. I’m good.

Angie and I just want to say thank you to our prayer group for praying for Ryan over the past few months. Prayers have been answered!!!!

Work is still work. Nothing has changed in that regard.

I am trying to get moved to Monroe. Just needing a little more saved up for the deposits and such. Next step will be a vehicle. I really didn’t want to move before having a vehicle but getting back and forth to work consistently has been an issue. I have lost several hundred in pay due to no rides to get to work. So moving is a must.

More later, I promise hopefully with photos from the graduation 😊

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