Jesus: He Gets Us | He Is For Us

Here is the devotional:

Who is Jesus? People have debated that question for generations. Some said he was brilliant, and others label him insane. Some said Jesus was a good teacher, and others call him a liar. To judge a person’s character, you’ve got to look at their life.

How did Jesus live among us? He was different things to different people. See if you find yourself on this list.

To the victim, Jesus defended.

To the rebel, he held out mercy.

To the brutalized, Jesus comforted with kindness.

To the questioning, he spoke truth.

To the fearful, Jesus stood beside.

To the lonely, he nodded, I’ve been there.

To the sick, Jesus revitalized.

To the outliner, he welcomed in.

To the forgotten, Jesus remembered in detail.

To the filthy, he washed clean.

To the broken, Jesus empathized.

To the doubting, he listened.

To the isolated, Jesus joined company.

To the discouraged, he drew near.

To the cynic, Jesus answered.

To the rejected, he restored.

To the anxious, Jesus calmed.

To the betrayed, he identified.

To the betrayer, Jesus forgave.

To the wounded, he sympathized.

To the wanderer, Jesus pointed the way.

To the shattered, he rebuilt dreams.

To the lost, Jesus led home.

To the abandoned, he was home.

To the destitute, Jesus deepened.

To the single again, he completed.

To the tempted, Jesus was available.

To the courageous, he gave purpose.

To the one in trouble, Jesus led out.

To the exhausted, he was wholeness.

To the hurried, Jesus patiently waited.

To the over-committed, he built margin.

To the weak, Jesus fortified.

To the one in debt, he released.

To the searching, Jesus satisfied.

To the foolish, he said, turn around.

To the pure in heart, Jesus blessed.

To the one who keeps on going, he rewarded.

Whatever you need, Jesus is here for you. He is for us.

Here are the scriptures referenced:

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts:

THIS is our Savior! This IS my Jesus!

I want to more like Him!

If we, as a body of believers, can take these characteristics and apply them to our own lives…how many lives can we touch🤔

Jesus called us not to win arguments but to be like HIM!

If we can become more like Jesus then the world MIGHT actually SEE him instead of the judgmental attitude many who clam to know Christ exhibit.

8 thoughts on “Jesus: He Gets Us | He Is For Us”

  1. “If we can become more like Jesus then the world MIGHT actually SEE him instead of the judgmental attitude many who clam to know Christ exhibit.” AMEN, Stu. I was just writing about that, too. (“Great minds think alike”?)

    To Judge or Not to Judge?

    One of my former pastors startled the congregation when he said that Jesus should not be the center of our lives, or first in our lives … then he took us to Colossians 3:4 and showed us He IS our life! So, He’s to be first, last, and everywhere in between.

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  2. To the sinner He (Jesus) became a sin offering so that we may be free from sin and have everlasting life. That was His mission and purpose and He fulfilled it to the Glory of the Father. Thank you Jesus for washing my sins away!

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