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Hey everyone. Not much has been going on but at the same time everything has been going on. For some of you that will make sense.

Work has been going really well. We have not slowed down despite the price of lumber nowadays. We have actually picked up even more! Where in the world does everyone get this money to pay for these houses…geez,

And though we have two new people D and I still do the bulk of the work load, And it drives us insane. young people no do not have a very strong work ethic at all.

We had a Sand Piper take up residence on the yard. and I had the chance to take a picture of her nest while she was away getting water…

I hope all four make it. It’s a tough life for a nest on a lumberyard.
An empty bird nest inside a roll of 10 gauge wire I found the other day.

Apparently it is that time of year

Muffin had new kittens. She actually had one of them on my lap 😮

I have yet to figure out how she is sneaking out of the house to enjoy her little romp in the grass. But here is one photo I could not resist taking today…

Too cute. Just chilling.

Two of them look exactly like Muffin down to the M on their foreheads. The other two are gray. and of course the gray ones are the two most adventurous of the bunch. Smokey, the solid gray one, will come to me when she hears my voice. It just takes her a few minutes. But they are getting their legs under them and walking. So funny to watch.

Angie has not been feeling well of late. Though she did surprise the heck out of me today by doing a video chat😮😍

She is just so freaking beautiful. I can look at just her face all day! She caught me smiling several times though I was TRYING to hide it and was like “WHAT?” and all I could say was your beautiful. She showed me her new hair do and flipped her hair and titled her head at the same time. All I said was dang…do it again. So she did. I was like now that’s sexy. I made her smile 😊

Have I ever said how much I love this woman?!?!

Please say a prayer for Ryan as he has to pass all his tests for the next nine weeks for the academy.

Please say a prayer for Charity and her family as her dad will be going home to be with our Father soon. She is so distraught right now.

Please be in prayer for Ryan Callahan and his family.

Also as of today I am helping someone who has been addicted to meth and trying to stay clean. This was asked of me by a mutual friend that I did not know was friends with this person. They said they were praying and that my name was given to them so they called me.

It is not my place to say their name at this time. But prayers are need for them. They have a rough road ahead. They will be attending Celebrate Recovery with me on Thursdays.

Substance addiction is not really my specialty. I prefer other addictions but God just opened this door and I stepped through it. They may or may not be moving in with me as I am not 100 percent sure on that move yet.  We’ll just have to wait and see but they truly need a positive influence in their life!

I apologize for only doing Bible Study posts and music posts for most of the year now. I’ll pick out the song and do the Bible Study. Then I eat and will dose off. Or I dose off first and then do the others. So having my brain thing beyond the Bible Study is a lot right now The sun drains me of energy.

I feel as if I am letting you guys down by not writing new stuff but it’s just not in me at moment. I will try to do better.

I hope everyone has a great week. Pray for one another and tell your loved ones that you love them.

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World CX”

  1. Awe those kittens are straight up adorable! Neato on the bird nest at work…
    Glad you got to talk with Angie.
    No worries on your posts, Stu. I totally understand as I’m in the same boat. I’m not working on the sun, but work drains me. We will get back to blogging regular stuff when we can. It’s all good. It’s just a season.
    Praying for all those mentioned. Praying for you, my friend with this new person you are helping.

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  2. Praying here in Indiana. Helping those with substance abuse can take a toll. My friend who I have been helping says she is still clean. Sometimes, though, I wonder. She had done such a good job of covering up her addiction, that there aren’t any signals that I can use to know for sure. So she is in God’s hands. What else can ya do? Be a loving, non judging person who knows where they cone from. Addiction is addiction. The addict feels like they are the only one who feels the way to do. (Most of them, anyhow) relate to this person and listen

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Amy!

      In God’s hands is the best place. Just continue to be there for her.

      Like right now I am taking this person at their word as there are no signs of use at moment.


  3. Stu, I love that 1) God gave you eyes to see things of nature and 2) that you appreciate, enjoy, and share them. I hope all the little sand pipers make it.
    I, too, often wonder where people are getting all this money: new houses / upgrades & renovations, travel (gas, hotels, airfare, theme parks, etc), going out to eat / convenience foods, new e-devices, etc etc etc. And where is the government getting all the money to pay people not working, pay for free vaccines and testing, pay for war efforts, etc etc etc. At some point we’ve gotta implode.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It will implode eventually. The One World Order with only one form of money is coming.

      And if Washington chooses to just make a bunch more money it will only make matters worse as it will lessen the value of the dollar.

      We are paying for all that “free” stuff with the inflated prices for meds and such.

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