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For those wondering about J he is doing well. He came back to work Thursday. We took it easy on him don’t worry.

I can not seem to catch a break when it comes to finances. Somehow someone used one of my card to purchase 200 worth of stuff online at 2:20am. so I call the bank and go through the normal bs of having anew card sent and the struggle that ensues with getting the funds back into my account so I can pay child support.

I have been with this company for eight years you would think by now they would have my spending routine down to a science. If I buy something online it is from Amazon. That is the only place I use their card other than bills. so just the fact that 200 was spent should have put up a red flag for them….but no!

And because I had to cancel my card all my money is stuck and can not be attained til the new card comes in.

All so very frustrating considering the news Angie gave me two days ago. I do not want to go into to details just yet. But it is awesome news😍

Work has been going good. We have hired on three new guys though I feel they will not last. The last one worked for two days and I guess he said that crap ain’t for me and never showed back up.

It does take a special type of person to work on a lumberyard. Not only is it manual labor but trying to memorize where and what everything is can be overwhelming. But I feel it’s the manual labor part that gets everyone. Gone are the days of strong work ethics and actually doing work!

I do have a few non bible study posts running around in my head if I can just find the time to actually get them out of my head and into a post. One is about there is a time for everything. I have one I have been thinking about for a while now and that is on strongholds.

Prayers for Angie and I as we begin to step out in faith on something. Prayers for patience for I know the devil will try to thwart anything and everything. Which he has already by the events with the funds mentioned above. I feel so defeated at times and it just wears me down..but I will not give up!

Remember this! Do not keep your story hidden!!

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  1. Praying for you brother! I used to work at Whitson Lumber in Nashville in the 90s so I can totally relate to all the work struggles. I only left that place after I saw them bringing in a van full of Mexicans to replace us. I did end up getting a better job lol

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