Character Is Critical: Day 1

Who’s your counsel? Consider those who surround you daily. Consider those who’s sharpening you and challenging you in every area of your life. Who’s holding you accountable to pursue your God-given goals? Who’s holding you accountable to achieve your God-given purpose?

What iron sharpening relationships surround you daily that will help you to propel into your next level? Who has seen your next level? What mentors are currently operating on your next level? Your inner circle, those who are closest to you, can either keep you stagnant and hold you back from pursuing your God-given destiny or they can catapult you into your next dimension. Surround yourself with purposeful, skilled, mature, and wise counsel. Who’s around you during your most vulnerable and intimate times? Who do you rely upon to help you navigate critical decisions? Submit your thoughts to God and surround yourself with wise counsel.

Iron sharpening relationships will reveal your character and expose your level of maturity. Do you surround yourself with those who are stronger than you? Are you surrounding yourself with those who are wiser than you? Are you surrounding yourself with those who are more skilled than you? Who’s sharpening you in every area of your life?

Iron sharpening relationships will strengthen your skill, character, and maturity. Who’s investing in you? Who’s sharpening you? Who are you sharpening? Constructive feedback is essential for the construction of your next season. Who are you building with?


Carefully consider those who surround you daily. Pray and ask God for “Iron Sharpening” relationships. Ask God to surround you with men who are full of Godly wisdom, counsel and insight in every area of life.

Here are the scriptures referenced:

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Proverbs 27:17 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts:

I can not tell you how important it is having someone being a sharpening tool in your life.

When I rededicated my life to the Lord I made it a point to hang out with as many spiritual minded folks as I good.

When I went to Wednesday night supper I would always sit with the elders in the church, ask questions and just soak up the knowledge.

When I needed an accountability partner I found not only a brother for a season but a man on a mission to become a pastor. We definitely sharpened one another over our three year friendship.

Right now the two most important relationships in my life are with Angie and my best friend/brother Joey. Both of these relationships keep me in check and build me up spiritually and mentally.

My third most important relationship is at work with Big D. God did his thing and brought us together for a purpose and that purpose is being a sharpening tool for one another. There may be another reason for our friendship that God will show us late down the road but right now I’m just thankful for having D in my life.

Our relationship is like mine with Angie and Joey…we laugh, we cry, we hug, we pray and we love one another. Of course Angie’s part in my life goes much deeper but it does not negate the other two at all.

I cherish these relationships as they do help me maintain a character worthy of following after Jesus. They each help me maintain my integrity on different levels.

And then there are all of you…my readers, friends, and brothers and sisters that check up on me from time to time, encourage me in my walk with your emails and comments and your overall concern for my life in general. I thank the Lord for the blogging community.

No one every thinks they will make friends with people all over the world just by writing but God has a unique way of bringing people together for his glory.

Thank you all for walking with me in my journey and for helping me not only maintain my character in a sense but to increase it’s many attributes for the better!

Do you have anyone in your life like the three I mentioned above?

4 thoughts on “Character Is Critical: Day 1”

  1. Good post, Stu! It is very important to choose our friends wisely because we usually get the same reputation that they do as their character rubs off on us. I’m glad that you have friends to uplift and encourage you. I do, also. I have many acquaintances but only a couple of really good friends.

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  2. “No one ever thinks they will make friends with people all over the world just by writing but God has a unique way of bringing people together for his glory.” — Ain’t that the truth! Who knew??? This blogging community has been a spiritual uplift for me, an extension of my devotionals (because of the Godly wisdom), and an encouragement as we exchange replies.
    But besides cyber relationships, in-person friendships, mentors, and buddies are very important. God made us for relationships.

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