The Devil Is A Liar: Spiritual Warfare

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The devil is such a lying piece of crap!!!!

He either has the whole world believing in a stupid little cupid like creature, who is all red with horns and a pointy tail, or that he does not exist at all.

He has worshipers believing he is a god. He is not though. The devil is a created being just like the rest of creation.

Let’s see if I can make him madder at me than he already is. Let’s shed some truth on the subject.

The devil can appear in any form he wants.

In the story of Adam and Eve he presented himself as a serpent. (Genesis 3) In 2 Corinthians 11:14 it says, And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Nobody believes in demonic activity or possession. He has them convinced, in many cases, it is just a medical problem…like insanity, depression and such.

Demons/devils are real and guess what? They know God!

James 2:19 tells us this: Thou believes there is one God; thou doest well. The demons believe and tremble.

And they do inhabit people. Luke 4:41 tells us the truth about this: And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuked them and suffered them not to speak: for they knew that He was Christ.

I have personally experienced this twice in my lifetime. Once, on the Honduras Mission Trip, I was there in person praying over said person commanding the demon to leave. It did. And when it did this man convulsed on the floor. When he opened his eyes they had change their color. And the next day his entire demeanor had changed. The other time I was praying for a girl in our youth group. I had to work the day the other youth went to her house and prayed over her. But her eye color changed from brown to her original blue overnight.

Demons are sent forth to attack us. Most Christians know of Paul’s thorn in his flesh. There has been a lot of discussion on what that thorn was but I believe everyone overlooks the fact that Paul said that it was a messenger of Satan sent to buffet him. (2 Corinthians 12:7) The definition of buffet is to strike against.

We can all relate to that one.

The devil even has people believing that angels are little fat looking cherub creatures with small wings and a cute little smile. He, somehow, has convinced people that when their loved ones die they become angels too.

Angels, in my opinion, were God’s first creation. And though many images of Heaven show angels singing praises to God that does not mean they are little choir boys with wings.

There are very few verses in scripture that do not depict an angel with a sword getting ready to do battle. They were and are warriors. Let us not forget the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel of the Lord in Genesis 32 for an entire night and would not give in until the angel blessed him.

Jacob & The Angel

We also do not become angels when we die. Jesus told the thief on the cross that today YOU will be with me in paradise. Meaning his soul was going to be in heaven with Jesus and his body would be buried like everyone else’s.

Angels are not to be worshipped or turned into idols. John tried to worship one while in his vision on Patmos and the angel said “See thou do it not! I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren” (Revelations 19:10 & 22:9)

This unseen “world” is actually here…on earth. We must remember that when Satan turned against God because of pride, God cast him not to hell, as most believe but to earth. One just needs to read the book of Job to find that the devil walks to and fro on the earth. And since one third of the angels fell with him. They are on earth as well…as demons or devils.

Angels vs. Demons

With all that said there is still a major war that is going on. There is an unseen battle in this “unseen” world. A battle of demons and angels. It is a battle for our very souls.

The devil is so against God that he is likened to a lion prowling around looking for whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8) And we are told in the same verse to be sober and vigilant because our adversary the devil is after us. He does not want us following Christ much less have a relationship with God.

He will use anything and anyone as a weapon to keep us out of line with God’s will.

Imagine yourself in your den or bedroom looking on the internet with your phone or computer and a pop up appears with an ad for sex or a porn site.

At that moment a war rages in your mind. You have a demon telling you click on the link…it won’t hurt you and an angel is there trying to guard your heart and mind. With a click of the button you can help the demon defeat the angel or start praying, giving the angel the power to defeat the demon.

All you have to do is cry out ” I bind you demon you are not welcomed here…in the name of Jesus I command you to leave!” Angel swings his sword and expels the demon.

BAM! Stomach shot! KABOW! Head shot while bent over! SWISH! The sword is swung! The demon is defeated for now. It will come back to attack again, whether on it’s own choice or that of the Devil’s I can not say for certainty. I just know the return attack will come. That is why we should be prepared at all times. And know the truth.

The devil is the master of lies. He does not want you to know of the unseen battle. Because he knows you will change your fighting mechanics. So now go forth and fight your real adversary the Devil/Satan…not your spouse, children, parents, boss or friends.

For We Wrestle

God Bless everyone,


10 thoughts on “The Devil Is A Liar: Spiritual Warfare”

  1. You are absolutely right, there is that battle going on that we can’t see, but it is very real! And demons do possess people though it seems few Christians believe that these days. A good scene of that unseen battle is laid out in Daniel while he prayed. Thanks for sharing this one!

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