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Stu’s World CVII

This week has been touch but with so many blessings.

Sam’s funeral was Thursday.

Now remember I just got the call Sunday that she had passed away. So Monday rolls around and I call Joey to find out when the funeral will be held so I can plan. He tells me Thursday and I freak out. One, only white folks have a funeral in the middle of the week. Two, how the hell can I make it when I have to work.

I was so stressed out I was in tears Tuesday at work. One of the salesmen asked me to pull an order for a customer and gave me specific instructions and I said look find someone else to pull it because with everything going on in my head right now i will not remember what you just said. He was kind enough to ask me what was wrong and then wrote down the instructions for me on the invoice.

After a couple of hours that salesmen comes up and asks me why I was so worried about not making the funeral and I said because everyone that could take me works here and I’m not asking anyone to take off work to take me. And I can’t afford to miss work.

He said no, you can’t afford to not be there. I said I KNOW! And there in lies my dilemma.

Ya’ll are not going to believe this….

An hour later he comes back and says come to work Thursday like normal but bring clothes as you are going to the funeral. They had set it all up. A way there with by means of a retired driver being paid to take me, food money and the day with pay 😮😢😭😭😭

We make it to the church Thursday. It is standing room only by the time we get there. Now I told no one I was coming mind you so when the time for the viewing came I waited til the very end because I know I would just stand there crying.

As I was walking up her daughter Mandy saw me and called out my name with a smile. Then Joey say me. But I stood there for what felt like an eternity in tears to have Joey tap me on the shoulder and just give the biggest brother hug ever.

He lets go and asks how in the world are you even here. So I share the story of how work made it possible and then he started crying. It was a very emotional moment for us both.

Had the guys at work not done what they did this would have been the first funeral I had ever missed in Joey’s family. It would have just eaten me alive.

But I will say that Sam’s celebration of life was the best I have ever attended! She was so loved and it showed through the various testimonies given and by the sheer amount of people that showed up.

Then Friday rolls around I’m telling the guys at work that there is no way I will ever be able to repay ya’ll for what you have done. They just said you just did.

My brother Joey & my sister Sam

I did not tell Angie that I was going to the funeral because I didn’t want to get her hopes up about being able to see each other. But I did let her now that night that I did go. And I explained why I didn’t call and let her know.

Tonight I realized I really let her down by not letting her know. Stupid me. I feel horrible. Just like a man to feel he is doing the right thing to later find out it really wasn’t.

Friday I found a vehicle. I just have to figure a few things out before i can get it. Prayers please. This will be one of those moving mountains things.

Friday when I got home I crashed. That’s why I did not post the Bible Study. And the same happened yesterday after work as we had to unload an 18 wheeler of lumber by hand due to that fact that this particular truckload of lumber was in an accident. they put the lumber on with a crane and just dumped it back onto the bed. Over 1,000 pieces of 2x6x20 unloaded by hand. Not really a lot of fun…just saying.

So Friday’s post got pushed back to tonight. Sorry for those who were waiting for it.

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World CVII”

  1. The tremendous gift from co-workers gives testimony to the powerful, positive witness you have given them. I love to see how God blesses obedience like that. I share your praises to Him.
    God’s solace to you in your loss.

    Liked by 1 person

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